The Losers - Thursday , May 5 , 2005
The Losers

by David Parrish

Old News


Dave is a clever boy.
His mother told him so.


This guest comic is from Ymmot.

*Giggle* It gots a bad word in it! *GiggleGiggle*


Oh, snap. On that Halloween comic I accidentally spelled "Geoduck" wrong. Terribly sorry about that, man, if you read this.

Oh, and, as for the current comic? It sucks. Shut up.

I have had a test page (it's a SECRET) for a long time now that I use to test banners and text and stuff. I generally keep everything on it because I'm too lazy to delete it, so if you're curious if I've made a new banner or something, you can check it out. I don't know why you would want to, but it might give you an insight into the things I do by myself. (Like, the big title "Why would I..." thing I actually put there for me, not for you guys just now.


You guys didn't really think I'd forget Halloween, did you? Heavens no!

I was up putting this together late Halloween night, actually. APPRECIATE IT.

The characters were all done by guest artists, in case you can't tell. Here's a list:

Luke - Goeduck.
Pengy - My friend, Romeo. I very much appreciate it, as he didn't even have anything to link to. Just did it for fun.
Jim - Matt Johnson of Cortland.
Jack - Jed or "Grand master pimp daddy D".

I will have a new page up some time this week for my Holiday comics, and I'll elaborate on whatever. Meh.


Oops, I forgot to update the news or anything so it would be ready today. My bad.

Anyway, I really like this guest comic. It was done by Jed, and I like that expressions on the characters' faces.


Wow. Sorry for the delay, but I actually have comics lined up for a while now, so check back regularly!

Anyway, today's comic was done for me by the very appreciated MurdockGreywords! I suggested the colors for Jim, ain't they great??

Oh, since this is the first guest comic to be done for me, I've created a guest comic page for the comics other artists have done for me. Check it out.


It's a bit late, but I've finally gotten around to making a Halloween banner... Thanks to Lucas Longley for a bunch of help with Photoshop. I did the work, but he provided me with the knowledge of how to do the work.


Has anyone played Paper Mario 2 yet? That game RAWKS.


This is a guest comic I did for NeTrek.
It's groovy.


I have created a Guest Page, with all of the guest comics I have done for other comics.

You should check it out because I like those a lot more than my onw crappy comic.


I've updated the links page, and am working on some other stuff.
Check back if you want. What do I care?


And you can hardly tell that the eyebrows were made in MS Paint.

I'm so wonderful.


Arrr! Happy talk like a pirate day, ye scurvy dogs!


6:26 PM
Crikey. I forgot to mention that I added a links page! Everyone should check it out. Everything in there makes me laugh (or benefits me personally...), and with my obviously amazing sense of humor, it oughta darn-near kill anyone reading this!


8:33 PM

8:47 PM
In an attempt to remove some clutter, I have removed some coding from other pages. The front page is the same, but now the other pages only have the content they need. *Shrugs* Why not?

Oh, and I have also decided to start seperating my announcements out by time, as well, because this one would have made no sense if I didn't. So sue me.


I'm having quite a few problems at the moment. As you know, the website recently broke, and that took me two or three days to fix.
Now, my MS Paint program (the program I use to edit the comics after I draw them) shuts down every time I try to add text to a comic (or anything). So, I actually have a comic drawn, but until I can get my MS Paint working again, we'll both be without comics.

Sorry, but I can't do anything about my programs screwing up for no reason.

Hm. Here's an idea. If anyone knows anything about this error, or where I can download a new copy of MS (that's Microsoft, in case you don't know) Paint that lets you save images as JPEG files (some don't), e-mail me ( ) with a link or instructions. It would help me out a lot.

Man. This comic is totally hilarious.

This guest comic was submitted by my friend, MP, a freelance comic guy. (Well, freelance in the sense that he did a comic out of boredom and sent it to me. That kind of freelance.)

That's right, my friend MP. I have yet to get a guest comic from someone I don't already know, you lazy bums.

Please don't hate me...

Man. It's been a while. Sorry about that, school has kept me rather busy. But, now I think I have leveled it off, so the comics should be regular from now on.

Whatever "regular" means to you.

The comics do not lie.

If Scott Adams is reading this, don't sue me.

I bought your books, man. I bought them all.

Hm. Pardon the absence of comics this week, but I'm trying to think of some. (Honestly. I'm not just being lazy, I can't think of anything.)

If anyone wants to help out with some ideas for little storylines or anything, e-mail me at, it would be appreciated. If I use anything, I'll link to your site, or whatever.

I wonder if anyone actually believes that I put any effort into this comic.

*Snicker* Suckers.

Today's strip is funny.


This comic is the work of Kanebrotherhood.

Ain't it purdy?

Once again, I apologize for the delay, but you all probably left anyway, so it doesn't matter.

Anyway, I have an announcement. From now on, every Wednesday will be stupid joke day. On those days, the comics will NOT be part of the regular storyline, but will, instead, be stupid/hilarious jokes that I think of and/or steal.

Okay, I'm back, done vacationing, and hopefully done missing comics. Hopefully I didn't lose too many readers this week.

Anyway, it's 4:11 AM I can't think of anything funny to say, so just read the comics.

Isn't that cool?

This is probably my last update for about a week, as I'm off to Florida on Sunday. Luckily, after that trip, I'll be right here at home for at least the next three months. Bwahah.

Oh, if all goes as planned, the comic will update regularly tomorrow and during my absence, hopefully with a guest comic next Friday. But, if we don't get the guest comic, there will be a normal one. Anywho farewell... Again...

I must apologize for the lack of comics recently. Monday was scheduled as another guest comic, which never got to me, and I planned on doing today's when I woke up on this date. However, it seems that Luke has beaten me to it, as you will see in a few hours.

Meh, I have no idea when the comic updates, so I don't know when you'll see his comic. But, feel free to follow the directions given in it. Maybe if I find out that someone actually reads this, it'll inspire me to make comics like a madman.

I told him he should've gone for $99.99, but he wouldn't listen. But don't worry, he'll be back in six to eight months.

Okay, I'm back. And, on the comic from 5/31, the character was supposed to be identified as Jack, not Jim. Sorry for the confusion, but I fixed it now.

Please don't hate me.

Okay, well, I'm leaving for Texas first thing in the morning tomorrow, so Autokeen (the automatic updating system for the comic) will be on its own. I probably won't even be able to view the site, let alone correct anything, until I get back, so don't blame me if something messes up.


I let Autokeen update my comic for the first time today. Aren't you proud?

I have added a message board. Give me your comments, and suggestions, or just chat with me and other readers!

I finally have most of the site working, please let me know if anything isn't going right.

I will be gone from Thursday, 5/27 through Thursday 6/3 on vacation. I may get someone to do guest comics during that period, or I may leave the site blank. Meh.

Well, this is a new comic site, so be prepared for any changes I decide to make.


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